Season of Growth ... Like a flower, she bloomed.

It's been a long time since my first post. I'm actually so ashamed, it's been too long. However, I'm so happy to say that the momentum is picking back up again! Hallelujah! God is so good!

The last two and a half months ... have truly been a season of growth, spiritually and with my photography. It truly has been a learning curve ... some ups, some downs, some do's and some don't's (definitely something to talk about in a near future post). I can say for sure that through this I've gotten a deeper understanding of my "why", my purpose, my passion ... BUT, I'll leave that as the topic for my next post! See ... I'm already eager to get this consistency thing going! I really want to include you lovely people on this journey that I'm on.

Confession ... I'm only human. I was so excited about the launch of my website (the adrenaline was pumping) that I lost sight of reality. I got a little blinded by the success, that I forgot about life. I forgot that I needed to sit down and actually plan this all out. Oops! I forgot that I needed to figure out how to balance everything else in my life; my passion (photography of course), a full time job, church, my Christian walk, the gym, kitchen experiments and family events ... which became a struggle, needless to say. Not to mention, that my brain runs like a million miles a minute, and I'm constantly getting new ideas and thinking of prospective business ventures, yeah .. I got a little overwhelmed.

Lessons LEARNED:

  • Plan everything!

  • Find myself a balance, or I'll go crazy

  • When I get these ideas of mine, write them down (no matter how silly they sound)!

  • Be consistent

  • Rely on God, remember that he has my back .. because if this is truly of his will for me .. with Faith, hard work, persistence and God on my side, I will come out VICTORIOUS.

I'm looking at everything now with a fresh set of eyes and a fresh mind set. I'm feeling so good now that I feel like, although I've bloomed ... I feel like I could turn into a butterfly.

BUT I don't think that's how nature works! LOL

Until next time (which will be very soon, I promise!)..



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